SWB | Reds Skipper David Bell’s Infield Strategy For 2024

SWB | Reds Skipper David Bell’s Infield Strategy For 2024

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Hey, sports fanatics! Welcome back to your favorite dose of sporting news on “Sports Without Boundaries.”
First off, the UK Wildcats showed Mississippi State how it’s done, cruising to a 90-77 victory. It looks like they’re flexing their muscles and reminding everyone who’s boss in the college basketball jungle.

In “Wait, What?” news, Shedeur and Shilo Sanders apparently thought a modeling gig in Paris beat attending the Colorado Buffaloes’ first team meeting. Because, obviously, strutting on the runway in Paris trumps mundane team commitments. So fashion over football, right?

Over in the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys have decided that Mike McCarthy is their guy for a fifth season. You can almost hear the collective groan and the sound of faint hopes crashing. Maybe it’s the charm of mediocrity that keeps him around?

The SEC wagged its finger at Alabama coach Nate Oats for making contact with a Missouri player. Sure, a tap on the shoulder is such a scandal in the rough-and-tumble world of college hoops. Hold the back page!

And to cap it off, Reds Manager David Bell is planning an infield rotation strategy. This groundbreaking tactic ensures that nobody, including the players themselves, will have any idea who’s playing where. It’s like baseball’s version of musical chairs!

That’s your latest from “Sports Without Boundaries.” Remember, in the wacky world of sports, the only predictable thing is its unpredictability!

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