Pop Culture | Nose-Picking and Alzheimer’s Might Go Hand In Hand

Pop Culture | Nose-Picking and Alzheimer’s Might Go Hand In Hand

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Welcome back to ‘Pop Culture”. First, we have Taylor Swift playing the role of a comforting girlfriend to a dejected Travis Kelce. Nothing says ‘true love’ like a post-game consolation in front of cameras.

In groundbreaking scientific news, a study links nose-picking to Alzheimer’s. Finally, an explanation for all those questionable decisions by celebrities!

Wrestling legend Jake “The Snake” Roberts shares his experience with the worst-smelling wrestlers. It’s the tell-all we never knew we needed (or wanted).

Flashback to 1996, when Charlie Sheen bought 2,615 seats at an Angels’ game to catch a home run ball. Spoiler: He didn’t catch one.

Elvis Presley, the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, had a unique method for dealing with Graceland’s snake problem: shooting them. Who needs pest control when you have firearms?

Kate & William’s latest Christmas card photo is apparently sending ‘powerful signals,’ according to a body language expert. I guess holiday cheer just isn’t enough anymore.

Leonardo DiCaprio gets described as ‘dirty’ and ‘like he smells’ by a server at a private NYC lounge. Maybe it’s time for a new stylist, Leo?

A hospice nurse shares the mysterious phenomena that occur just before death, including ‘the rally.’ It’s like the final plot twist in the movie of life.

And in a scene straight out of an action movie, Keanu Reeves’ home was raided by burglars in ski masks. Even Neo isn’t safe from real-life villains.