Sports Without Boundaries | Dolly Dazzles At Halftime

Sports Without Boundaries | Dolly Dazzles At Halftime

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Dolly turned the halftime stage into her own personal Grand Ole Opry, Can they get her on the roster to perform the big game?

In the land of NFL, this weekend gave us more ups and downs than a theme park, with enough plot twists to make your fantasy league feel like a fantasy novel.

College football is delivering drama by the busload, complete with coaches being passed around like a game of musical chairs. Who’s up? Who’s down? Who’s getting paid millions to wear a headset?

High school playoffs in Kentucky and Ohio were so intense, you’d think the state championships came with college scholarships. Spoiler: They don’t.

Tune in as we unpack the thrills, spills, and overpriced contracts, all while wondering whether Dolly could do a better job than half the coaches out there. It’s “Sports Without Boundaries,” the show that tackles the serious, the silly, and the seriously silly in sports.
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