SWB | Dave Portnoy Wins A Whopping $1.5 Million On New Year’s Day Bowl Games

SWB | Dave Portnoy Wins A Whopping $1.5 Million On New Year’s Day Bowl Games

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Welcome back to “Sports Without Boundaries,” where we take a cheeky look at the world of sports, turning headlines into punchlines. Let’s dive into today’s most “important” stories.

First up, the Bengals vs. Browns in what can only be described as the most earth-shatteringly meaningless last game of the season. Grab your snacks for this edge-of-your-seat thriller where the stakes couldn’t be lower.

Moving on to the Pro Bowl, where players have been selected to partake in what many consider the ultimate football honor that literally no one cares about.

In celebrity sports news, prosecutors have decided to drop felony charges against Patrick Mahomes’ brother. It seems like a ‘get out of jail free’ card does exist in real life, and not just in Monopoly.

Dave Portnoy, proving he’s more than just a pizza critic, cashed in big on New Year’s Day Bowl Games, winning a casual $1.5 million. Which, after taxes, will be like $1.50. Congrats Dave!

The SEC’s bowl record is showing off once again, proving that this conference is still the top dog. Or should we say, the top bulldog? Either way, they’re not letting anyone forget it.

And finally, in NCAA basketball, the UK Wildcats take on the Florida Gators, and the UC Bearcats face BYU this weekend. March Madness will be here before you know it.

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