Kentucky Introduces New Fees For Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Owners | Eric Deters Local News

Kentucky Introduces New Fees For Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Owners | Eric Deters Local News

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Kentucky Introduces New Fees For Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Owners | Eric Deters Local News | January 4, 2024

Join us for a comprehensive overview of recent regional news impacting Kentucky, Ohio, & Indiana featuring arrests related to drug trafficking, legislative updates, infrastructure changes, and intriguing developments involving prominent figures. Stay informed with the latest happenings, controversies, and community concerns shaping the Bluegrass State. Subscribe for timely and insightful news coverage. #KentuckyNews #RegionalUpdates #DrugTraffickingArrestsIn recent developments, two Kentucky residents, Eric Rice (42) and Radida Woodard (36), found themselves in custody after Indiana State Patrol conducted a traffic stop on southbound I-65. A tip led to the arrest, and during the search, the trooper detected the scent of marijuana, prompting a thorough inspection. The search uncovered suspected marijuana, a stolen handgun from Kentucky, and a bag containing approximately 5 pounds (2.5 kilograms) of methamphetamine. Despite being charged with dealing over 10 grams, both individuals later secured release on bond. Federal authorities are now involved, initiating an investigation into the case.

In Northern Kentucky, three individuals from Dayton, Ohio, were arrested for their alleged involvement in drug trafficking. The Northern Kentucky Drug Strike Force received information about a man traveling from Dayton to Northern Kentucky with a quantity of fentanyl for sale.

Meanwhile, a malfunctioning transformer outside Macy’s at the Florence Mall caught fire, as reported by Florence police.

The opening day of the Kentucky legislature brought forth various bills, including one proposing a ban on college diversity initiatives.

In a move effective immediately, electric vehicle and hybrid owners in Kentucky will face additional fees to contribute to the maintenance of the state’s roads and bridges.
Former Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron has assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer for the 1792 Exchange, an organization focused on countering “woke capitalism.”

On a different note, the Kentucky Department of Corrections has faced criticism for seeking extensive extensions before releasing a year’s worth of internal investigative reports, undermining the state’s Open Records Act.
Lastly, concerns are emerging over the display of a Confederate flag in a city south of Dayton, raising questions and sparking community discussions.

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