Iran’s Day of Grief: Twin Blasts Shake Kerman | Eric Deters Show | January 4, 2024

Iran’s Day of Grief: Twin Blasts Shake Kerman | Eric Deters Show | January 4, 2024

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In today’s episode of The Eric Deters Show: January 4, 2024
* Epstein List: Unravel the latest developments surrounding the delayed release of the Jeffrey Epstein list.
* Bill Clinton/Al Gore: Delve into discussions on Bill Clinton and Al Gore with the Epstein List.
* MTG Stocks: Analyze the stock market dynamics, focusing on MTG (Marjorie Taylor Greene) stocks and their implications.
* Capital Lockdowns: Investigate the recent occurrences related to capital lockdowns, understanding the reasons and implications.
* Joe’s Sunburn: Dive into a lighter note with a segment on Joe’s sunburn, offering a humorous take on recent events.
* Republicans/Border/Mike Johnson: Discuss the Republican stance on border issues, with a special focus on insights from Mike Johnson.
* Terrorism in Iran/Iran’s Day of Grief: Twin Blasts Shake Kerman: Examine the latest updates on terrorism in Iran and the global implications.
* GOP Leadership/Trump: Evaluate the current GOP leadership dynamics and Trump’s role within the party.
* TGI Fridays: The sale of eight previously corporate-owned restaurants in the Northeast to former CEO Ray Blanchette.
* Biden Volunteers: Discuss the involvement and impact of volunteers in Biden’s initiatives.
* Ozempic: Explore developments related to Ozempic, understanding its significance and the FDA Warnings Issued.
* Camp Lejeune: Shed light on any recent updates & lawsuits involving.
* Menendez: Delve into discussions surrounding Senator Menendez and his recent activities.
* Rep. Jeff Duncan: Examine the role and recent actions of Representative Jeff Duncan.

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