SWB | Nick Saban Takes The Blame For Rose Bowl Final Play

SWB | Nick Saban Takes The Blame For Rose Bowl Final Play

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Kicking things off, the NFL is playing school teacher, reminding players to clearly report as eligible receivers post-Cowboys-Lions drama. It’s like kindergarten all over again, but with bigger kids and more at stake.

In a ‘spirited’ turn of events, Panthers’ owner David Tepper got fined a cool $300K for tossing a drink at a fan. That was a pricey beverage!

National Championship ticket prices took a nosedive after Texas and Alabama’s losses. For all those who spent a fortune, let’s have a moment of silence for their wallets.

ESPN, in a classic oops moment, apologizes for showing a Bourbon Street flasher during the Sugar Bowl broadcast. Who needs halftime shows when you’ve got live-action surprises?
And finally, Nick Saban takes the blame for Alabama’s Rose Bowl loss, admitting they ‘shot themselves in the foot’. Maybe next time, they’ll aim a little higher?

No headline is too sacred, and no gaffe is too small to escape scrutiny.
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